These boots are(n’t) made for walking…

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all enjoyed seeing the new year in? We stayed at home and drank babycham and I was asleep before midnight! It was lovely! 🙂

I’m writing this post sat in the hairdresser waiting for my colour to come off! Having a baby seems to have made me far more thrifty with my time, hehe! Jack still feeds every two hours so my days have become very structured.

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago and crocheted the little boots a couple of months before Jack was born. The pattern was one I found on Etsy by The Lovely Crow and fell immediately in love with.
Does anyone else love Etsy and Craftsy for little independent knitting and crochet patterns- I’ve spent more than a few hours perusing the selection on both those sites!


I really loved making little baby bits while I was still pregnant, it was one of the only things that made me feel like I was actually going to have a baby. I know that sounds crazy but for me pregnancy was such a bizarre experience and it never truly seemed real. Crochet and knitting were still surprisingly possible in the first couple of months he was here as he was so sleepy and so teeny he fit perfectly on my lap!

The yarn I used is a Louisa Harding aran yarn called Akiko which is a blend of merino and alpaca. I love the shade of donkey brown and the incredibly soft texture. It’s crocheted on a surprisingly small hook for the weight of the yarn which creates the stiff and solid texture of the boots and I think makes them warmer because of the close weave.


I’ve put them on Jack quite often, I think they look especially cute with his little trousers which are one of my favourite things to dress him in- partly because they look like mini grown up clothing and partly because of the lack of poppers! (Anyone else get slightly over poppers after having a newborn?!) I have made him some gingham neckercheif bibs recently which really complete the western look 😉 I will actually need to crochet him the next size up of these boots very soon because he has oddly long feet for the size of him! Luckily they are very easy and quick to do! I have seen some ladies slipper patterns that use a similar approach that I am tempted to try.


Jack loves kicking his little legs these days, perhaps he thinks these boots actually were made for walking- even if it happens lying down!;)


Do you like my corny photography attempt at desert light and long shadows?! 😉  Has anyone else read or seen The Homesman?  It’s a great book and film, both are pretty harrowing (the film slightly less so than the novel) but very gripping!

Thanks for reading! I will be back soon with some new grown up sewing! 🙂



9 responses to “These boots are(n’t) made for walking…”

  1. So stinking cute! And very funny too. I have just started to sew some baby things at 6 mos+ pregnant and it does make having a baby seem more real somehow…

  2. these are too cute. love them. have you tried erica knights slippers for women. they are really nice and easy to make.

  3. Happy New year to you all. The boots are great, much better than trying to keep socks on. Look forward to seeing what you make next.

  4. Aww that’s super cute and adorable! Your son is so lucky to have a mama who loves to make super cute miniature things for him. Wait for him to grow up a bit and you will soon make things that he needs to run and play around!

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