The Little Tailoress now accepts sponsorship from a limited number of  businesses relevant to the blog’s audience. Typically this would include fabric stores, haberdasheries, fashion brands, clothing and apparel companies and stores, vintage stores and relevant course providers.

The Little Tailoress is one of the UK’s most popular sewing blogs attracting a significant audience interested in sewing, vintage, crafts and fashion.

Typical Blog Readership:

30,000+ pageviews per month
11,000+ visits per month
1,600+ followers via Bloglovin
2,500+ followers via Pinterest
900+ followers via Twitter

Your advert will appear in the right sidebar of the blog for a full month, starting on the 1st of the month. Positions are allocated on a first come first served basis and payment is invoiced via Paypal. The size options are as follows:


Large: 200 x 150 pixels £50 per month. Large ads are located at the in the sponsors section immediately below the featured sponsor.


Small: 200 x 75 pixels £25 per month. Small ads are located in the sponsors section immediately below the large ads.

If you would like further information about sponsorship then please contact me.

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