Polka dots and Prams: Megan Nielsen Maternity Pina Dress

You don’t see a lot of jersey around here, in fact I think this is the only jersey dress ever to have made an appearance on this blog. I feel very ‘exposed’ in form fitting jersey which kind of counterbalances the indisputable physical comfort of the soft stretchy fabric. This hasn’t actually changed and I refer to this as my swimming costume dress at home, but boy is it comfy and I can live with the clingy because I like it in so many other respects. So why did I choose to make a clingy jersey dress when I claim not to like wearing them you may well be wondering? Maternity is a tricky business when it comes to ones own personal sense of style. All of  a sudden you can’t wear ANY of your clothes, and as a seamstress you have an entirely different and continually changing body to address as well as absolutely nothing to wear! So a fabric that grows with you really does seem like an economic and appealing option. Plus when I did a bit of maternity pattern hunting I just thought that the Megan Nielsen Pina dress was really cute and in the right fabric would almost have a 1940s tea dress vibe.




Doing a bit of reading online the general consensus seemed to be that this pattern came up slightly on the smaller side so I decided to make the medium rather than the small and I’m glad I did as at 30 weeks this is still fitting fine. I changed the neckline a little to make the V a little higher as the pattern is quite ‘plungey’, and I lengthened the sleeves a little. I also added the elastic around the neck and sleeves slightly differently to the instructions so it is channeled on mine rather than stitched on with a zig-zag. This was so that I could thread the elastic through and tweak the fit with the dress on. It was a very quick and simple make which is another massive bonus for maternity wear as I don’t want to spend tooooo long on anything that isn’t  going to be used forever, and I have cute teeny baby things to be making! I constructed the whole dress on my regular sewing machine as I didn’t have enough navy thread to thread up my overlocker. I stitched all the seams with lightning stitch and finished the hem using the twin needle technique to mimic a cover stitch.

I bought this viscose pin dot jersey from the lovely Fabric Godmother online, it’s got a really good weight to it so it drapes really nicely and it’s lovely and light and cool in the warmer weather.



It also happens to go rather nicely with the vintage Royale pram we found recently, not that my maternity clothes and pram will really be getting much air time together of course! 😉



The pattern has an option for long sleeves and for a top. It would be a great garment for nursing and so I think I will definitely be making up some other versions. The jersey fabric will be wonderfully forgiving for all the body changes happening after baby makes his appearance too. I spied some lovely wool and viscose mix jersey that I think would be fab for a cosy Autumn edition with some stockings and brogues…oooh Autumn dreaming! Mind you I don’t want that favourite season of mine rolling around too quickly now do I- I have to give birth before then…eeep! 😉




Anyone else have a complicated relationship with jersey, or is that just me?

Thanks for reading 🙂

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  1. I think this looks lovely. Always nice to see beautiful vintage styled maternity clothes as there are so few around.

    Have a look online at he double layered nursing tops and dresses. I made a couple of my own when pregnant – you basically make the bodice twice and layer them on top of each other. The bottom layer has slits to open for feeding and the top layer is made as usual but not sewn onto the bottom of the bust so it can be lifted and keeps everything covered when feeding. I found these the best as you didn’t need to have your whole chest on show as you do with some feeding tops. Just remember to be generous when making the bust sections as mine fitted fine when pregnant but when my milk came in I defintaly could of done with some more fabric!!,

    • I agree Katherine…there are not enough well made, comfy maternity clothes on the market. I’m in Massachusetts “across the pond” and there are a few really high end maternity stores here (Pea in the Pod and such) that you could only afford to shop at for a special occasion. The alternative is to always make it yourself, you know what you’re getting and the fit will always be there. You only wear them for such a short time and when you sew as you do Little Mommy, you can have twice the amount; but you always look lovely!! There’s always an upside 🙂 Congrats to you and hubby and God bless you all!

  2. When I was pregnant all I wore was jersey, but that was the only time I’d ever wear it out of the house – leggings are strictly for sofa lounging now!

    • The dress looks lovely on you and also looks really comfy. I also think the pram is great, nothing beats a coach built pram, easy to push and you can get all your shopping on easy too. I had coach built pram and was reluctant to let it go when not needed, but had nowhere to keep it. Look forward to your next make


  3. Yes, I totally have the same complicated relationship with jersey! I just feel so much more put together in a woven. I don’t like the clingyness of knits, but I do wear them as they are so cozy and comfy! Your dress looks lovely I’m sure you will get a lot of wear out of it! 🙂

  4. As always you look absolutely lovely Ami 🙂 That polka dot jersey fabric is really flattering, especially the deep blue colour. I love jersey fabric, both to wear and to sew with. I think if you get the right one, it’s great. But some jerseys seem to be really unforgiving. Glad to see your pregnancy is going so well. I haven’t had time lately to catch up with the blogs I usually read.
    Xxx Sam

  5. The dress looks lovely on you Ami and you are positively blooming. Katherine’s comment about the double layered top sounds really interesting – I bet you’ll be able to put your own slant on those too.

  6. A lovely dress for your bump – not too clingy at all. I love jersey to sew with and there seem to be more and more great patterns around now. It’s comfortable and easy to wear but also means I don’t have to bother with zips or buttons and when you want the satisfaction of making up something in a few hours, jersey fits the bill.

  7. That’s such a beautiful classic dress. I love jersey now I sew my own, as I’ve figured out that what I hated about RTW was negative ease whereas I like it to skim the body

  8. Very pretty dress Amy and it does look so comfy. A far cry from when I was pregnant 27 and 29 years ago when I made a dozen maternity pinafores and the alternative was baggy dungarees. You look lovely and blooming. Vintage pram is just gorgeous. Xxx Ann

  9. Ami I must say you’re looking very radiant. The dress is lovely and looks comfy as well as smart. Love the pram too. Let us know what lovely baby stuff you’re sewing.

  10. lovely dress and ive been following all your pics etc ,,love your style ,,i like all older women have a tummy ,,and ive ordered maternity patterns so they dont cling to my tummy ,,,they work a treat ,,,,by the way I love your pram ,one lucky baby,,,,

  11. You look so gorgeous! The dress is lovely! It’s different to see you in such a dark color, but it really suits you! Personally I’m not really into jersey and rarely wear knit dresses, but I can see how they would be very useful in pregnancy and afterwards!

  12. I love your maternity dress! It reminded me of Gwen Stefani during her “Don’t Speak” days! Congratulations on the baby bump, too! I agree that it is hard to find practical and stylish maternity clothes that are not expensive!

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