Video Tutorial: How to apply Piping Cord

Hello everyone, I  hope you all had a good weekend!

A few of you mentioned you wanted to see a video on how to apply piping cord so I have posted one to my YouTube channel. I demonstrate with a cushion cover but a lot of the techniques apply to garments so hopefully it will be useful for both home and fashion projects that you might want to use piping on.



Most of what I use in the video are just regular sewing room supplies so there wasn’t really much to list here. You can buy piping cord in various thicknesses from nearly all haberdasheries, the thinner the better for garment sewing in my experience.

Here is my trusty pattern master that I use to mark up my bias strips.

Hope you enjoy the video, please feel free to ask any questions below or over on YouTube.

Thanks for watching!

9 responses to “Video Tutorial: How to apply Piping Cord”

  1. Hi Amy,
    Great video!!! Very precise, clear instructions and as always beautiful fabric.
    I love the finished cushion.
    Thank you very much for presenting this video, I was one of your followers that requested this tutorial.
    Look forward to watching your next video 🙂
    Thanks again Amy

  2. Super tutorial feel inspired to gave a go. Would it be a good idea to put some fabric glue on the cord edges to help with the fraying?

  3. Hi
    Love your videos. But love the floral dress you wore in the bias binding video more! Do you have a pattern for it?

  4. I have just watched 3 of your videos about bias binding and piping cord around a cushion. They are very well explained. Now I know how to use a pattern master to find the bias on fabric. Thank you so much. I will be consulting you from now on. ☺

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