My Favourite Make So Far…

Hello lovely readers, I hope this post finds you well. Those of you that follow me on instagram will know from the continual stream of baby spam that baby Jack made his appearance a little over a month ago now. So I thought it was about time that I introduced him here on the blog before sharing some of the little bits I have been busy making for him over the past few months.

I had planned to write this post a while ago and these photos are actually from his first week at home with us but I seem to have been very preoccupied cuddling and staring at the little chap, and taking way too many pictures! He’s a teeny little baby, I ended up being induced a week early as they were worried about how small he was and wanted to get him out, they weren’t wrong he was only 2.55kg! They don’t actually know why he was so mini and everything with him was absolutely fine, despite the cord being wrapped around his neck twice and his arm once- clearly he was busy practicing his cattle roping for the rodeo in there!

I wasn’t particularly keen on being induced as the word on the street is that it makes labour much more painful and often very long winded. The consultant confirmed that these rumours were true and warned me I was likely looking at a 36 hour labour and strongly advised I had an epidural for the increased pain. So I went to the hospital armed with two knitting projects and plenty of episodes of Heartland to watch during the first 24 hours when nothing much is likely to happen and very happy with the plan for an epidural nice and early on in the proceedings. I watched about ten minutes of Heartland and didn’t knit a single stitch as before I had the chance I embarked upon a very quick five hour labour of instant, back to back contractions. The anaesthetist never turned up so I never got my epidural, I forgot every scrap of my lovely pregnancy yoga, breathing and visualisation and spent the entire time on my back entirely overwhelmed by the pain and unable to imagine how my mother and sister have both done it three times! I did manage to shove my earphones in at one point to listen to Kacey Musgraves very VERY loudly which I am sure was more helpful than the gas and air which as far as i could tell did very little other than give me something to sink my teeth into and make me slightly dizzy. My husband came away from the experiences with more than a couple of bruises and let’s just say that the poor midwife who had to break it to me that the anaesethist was M.I.A. is very lucky to still be alive. By the time I was pushing I had well and truly decided that Jack was going to be an only child.

And then I met this little chap…


and I would happily do it ten times over.



He has huge big navy eyes, a tiny little nose and seems very partial to milk.



He rarely cries but makes lots of funny little squeaky noises.



When he’s not asleep his favourite thing to do is stare at the sky out of the window.



We think he is really  pretty perfect.



Gatsby hasn’t quite decided what he makes of the new creature living in the house, but is very relieved that he doesn’t seem to eat any of his dentasticks.




In these pictures Jack is wrapped in a lovely blanket my mother knitted for him and is lying on a patchwork quilt I made during my pregnancy. I’ll be back soon with a post about them both and some of his handmade clothes.

Thanks so much for reading



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  1. Dear Ami,

    Congratulations!! Your little son is really cutr and perfect! I totally understand all the feelings you must experience now,it is such a overwhelming experience to give birth to a child.
    My little perfect guy Anton,born 12 days ago, is lying right next to me 🙂 I still get tears in my eyes everytime I think about the moment when I first saw him…
    Enjoy your time together!
    Best wishes

  2. Huge congratulations on the birth of your beautiful son. He is so very cute and perfect. You can never take too many photo’s – each one is precious because they change and grow far too quickly. It’s a very special time when you have a tiny baby to snuggle.

  3. Congratulations! He’s just precious and you look wonderful. My second is already 4.5 months old and it’s so hard to believe how fast it goes. I’m sorry you had such a rough labor. Make sure you’re taking good care of yourself, as well!

  4. Ami, what a lovely post. Motherhood is certainly something to cherish – I can still remember those early days/weeks and I am a mummy’s mummy now! I really enjoy following your posts on Instagram and it was really nice to get all the details here. Enjoy your beautiful family!

  5. Huge Congratulations. He is perfect and absolutely gorgeous – who would want to look at a computer when you have such a great distraction. Enjoy every minute.

  6. Congratulations! He is gorgeous! I had a similar situation with induction and the anaesthetist being nowhere to be seen… I’ve now got three little ones so I concur that it’s worth it in the end! Enjoy these precious moments.

  7. Hi _ He is really rather gorgeous, well done you. I said that on my first and ended up having 4!!
    Look forward to seeing the things that you have been making for him. xx

  8. Absolutely delightful!!!! Congratulations and what a wonderful family addition. He is adorable. Blessings to you all!

  9. Adorable. I have a jack too – boys and their mum – it’s something special. I have two girls too – different but every bit just as special.

  10. Congratulations to you both.Jack is gorgeous. The baby shots melted by heart. Enjoy this stage of your life. Cheers

  11. Hi Ami

    Congratulations to both you and your hubby, baby Jack is gorgeous. I have been checking the blog daily, so am really pleased to read about your new addition today. Take care and enjoy and I look forward to seeing all his new clothes you have made for him


  12. What a precious darling. Congratulations!
    I can’t believe that in this day and age the hospital would put you through such an ordeal! You poor thing. You must be superwoman!

  13. Congratulations on the arrival of sweet Jack. Enjoy every minute as soon he’ll be running around chasing your dog & exploring the big wide world.

    Do bring him to Gambledown Farm to meet all the animsls, explore & stay in the cupboard bed in one of the tents.

    Best wishes to you all Tamara

  14. Congratulations Ami
    little Jack is so cute. The way he holds his hands against his face – adorable! Enjoy every minute with him. From now on you will feel time going by much faster. My sons were born like “yesterday” and now the eldest is 23 and the youngest is 21 years old. So, enjoy every moment … and take lots and lots of photos. You won’t regret it.

  15. Big Congratulations to you all. I was thinking about you the other day and wondering what was happening – I haven’t succumbed to Instagram! – and now I know.
    A beautiful baby and the memory of the childbirth trauma will soon fade – that’s why we sometimes have more than one – although the anaesthetist not turning up when you’d been promised one seems a bit cruel. My eldest daughter was tiny like Jack -also for no apparent reason – but she piled the weight on quickly, never had any problems and is now a healthy 22 year old of average weight. I suppose these things just happen sometimes.
    As a patchworker, I noticed the gorgeous little quilt of course, and look forward to seeing future posts about your makes – woollen, fabric and human!
    I’m pleased Gatsby is settling down with the changes in his life – we had dogs when I had both my girls and never had any problems but then they never wanted the dentastix either 😉
    I hope, as Jack grows more agile, you remember to wear smaller earrings otherwise he’ll be swinging on those hoops like a circus performer 🙂
    Welcome back to Blogland – we missed you.

  16. Ami, Congratulations to you,your husband and Gatsby!!!!
    Jack is sooooo adorable. Thank you for taking the time to
    share your wonderful experience.
    As always, you look stunning.
    Enjoy motherhood!!!!

  17. Oh my goodness, he is so beautiful!! Yes he is your greatest make ever lol
    Congratulations Mommy & Daddy! Welcome to the world Sweet Baby Jack!
    God Bless you all!

  18. He’s lovely (but you knew that.) Congratulations! Both my inductions resulted in a single, three-hour contraction, and then a baby. Pretty much everything below my armpits cramped; it’s a wonder the kid didn’t bounce off the opposite wall. (Is that from a Monty Python sketch?) Can’t wait to see more baby, and more baby things.

  19. Hi Ami,
    I was so hoping you would post some pics after the big event. Jack is a beautiful baby, congratulations to you and your Hubby for a job well done ! Enjoy your little bundle of joy.

  20. funny i was wondering about you today,ive followed your site and seen all the lovely things you make ,but this little fella is surely your best make yet,,,what a lovely little baby ,and not a wrinkle in sight, a perfect little chap,,enjoy every minute with him ,,my three babies are all over 40 now and have children of their own ,,,wont be long before I`ll be a great granny ,but hopefully not too soon ….

  21. Huge congratulations, Ami, and very well done, too! Jack is a cutie, and enjoy every minute with him 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing more of your baby makes.

  22. Aww, congratulations Ami, he is gorgeous 🙂 I was induced with my first son and had the 36 hour labour your midwife predicted. You were really lucky it was so quick, if not particularly enjoyable!
    Xxx Sam

  23. Oh wow! Congrats on your new baby! He’s so cute! Enjoy the good days, as they grow up very fast. Can’t wait to see more hand made stuff as well, I love making DIY stuff for my kids, I guess it’s just a way of showing how I love them. 🙂

  24. Congratulations!!! I’m sorry I’m so late about posting but how exciting! You’ll see soon, that time is a very rare and valuable thing! LOL I barely get to check out blogs like I used to and sewing is a luxury. He’s adorable and I am so sorry to hear about your epidural! I would have punched someone in the face – for real! Those labor pains are like no other pain I have ever felt. Silly me, I told myself before having Nikolai that I knew what pain was, this wasn’t a big deal. I DID NOT KNOW WHAT PAIN WAS! Ha! But yeah, it’s amazing worth it it really is! So many congrats and you guys look beautiful <3

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