Lemon Tart | Mccalls 5377

I found this cute little separates pattern on Etsy whilst browsing the vintage pattern section as I find myself doing from time to time.  I was actually looking for playsuit patterns but I was immediately drawn to Mccalls 5377 as soon as I saw it for a couple of different reasons. I loved the simplicity of the top with its straight neckline and the fact that the sweet little shoulder-ties make it incredibly summery and almost beachy whilst still being completely wearable. I also thought that the shorts were lovely on account of their simplicity- I had wanted to make a staple pair of vintage shorts for a while and this little pair seemed like a good place to start!

Mccalls 5377 pattern

Shorts and Blouse Mccalls 5377

I made a calico toile of each garment and I only had to make a couple of adjustments. The shorts came up super duper high on me- far higher than on the pattern picture so I removed 2.5cm/ 1 inch along the lengthen / shorten line which meant that the waistband hit at my natural waist. I have found that things that come up too high have a shortening effect which isn’t ideal as I am already petite! The shorts curved more through the hip area than I do so I had to smooth this off into a slightly straighter line. I have found this quite a bit with vintage patterns- but it’s a very easy issue to address.

With the top I had to reduce the width of the neckline slightly as it was a little gapey. I also chose not to sew up the release pleats at the waist on this version as although they are cute I really liked the feel of the top without them. This is a perfect top for a really hot day and I liked it being a little less structured. It also tucks in fine without them which is how I will mainly wear it.

Mccalls yellow shorts and blouse

Yellow Shorts Mccalls 5377

I hadn’t necessarily intended to make this as an outfit as I would definitely wear both these garments with other things but I happened to have a perfectly matching yellow cotton twill and yellow gingham in my stash.

All in all I was really pleased with how these garments turned out and I have actually started making up the shorts in a lightweight denim as I will be able to wear them with more of my wardrobe than the yellow. They are a really great shape for everyday, perfect for walking the dog or hopping on my bike with a pair of plimsolls whilst still having just a touch of vintage charm.

The top hardly uses any fabric so I think it looks like Mccalls 5377 will come in very handy as a stash buster pattern- I am definitely envisaging a few of these in some Liberty prints coming up, especially if the glorious weather we are having in London at the moment continues. I also think it would also be really cute with some embroidery across the simple neckline.

Have you made any super summery outfits or sewn up any vintage patterns recently?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. OOOhhhhhhhhh this is absolutely gorgeous! I love both the shorts and the top! The top especially because it looks so simple which is great for me!

  2. Cute! I’m so loving these yellow shorts. So perfect for Summer and such a beautiful color. I’ve noticed the more curvier hip thing on vintage patterns too, I wonder why that is. Is it just that girls used to be curvier or something? I don’t get it. :/

    Can’t wait to see your denim rendition!! They sound so cute already.

    • Ah thanks Haylee!
      Yep I think that because women wore girdles all the time they were generally a much curvier shape- girdles really pulled in the waist so created more of a contrast between hip and waist size.
      Nowadays we tend to be straighter even if we are a bigger dress size. It was considered the ‘ideal’ to be curvier in the hips then too so I guess the ‘model figure’ the pattern designers were working to was different then as well. 🙂

  3. So gorgeous Amy 😀 Been thinking about playsuits too after having seen all the kids wearing them. Although not sure it’s a look for me. Trying to get some dresses finished for my girls before I hit my Colette Hawthorn!

    • I think playsuits are like dresses- different one suit different people but there is one for everyone! 🙂 Try a few on and see which you like! 🙂
      Ooooo Colette Hawthorn!- hurry up I want to see it! hehe 🙂

  4. What a pretty, fresh looking outfit. I love the simplicity of the shorts. I have just come back into dressmaking again after mainly making quilts and doing other fabric crafts. I have soooo many clothes already that I want to make some for my daughters and your style is just up my eldest one’s street (the younger is more scruffy goth) so I have started to follow you for a bit of girly inspiration. I am teaching her to sew now – she was never interested before – so I’m hoping she will start to make things herself soon.

  5. Fabuuuuuulous!!!!! This little number is stunning.
    As alway you model your creations beautifully.
    I really admire your talent and hope one day I will have the confidence to display my own work with you.
    You truly inspire me 🙂 🙂
    Thank you

  6. What a pretty outfit – perfect for this gorgeous weather we’re finally having. Those shorts will be fabulous in a lightweight denim.

  7. What a cute outfit! I really love the pattern illustration too. You should make a matching full skirt for the top – you would look cute in that too!

    • Ah thanks Gail! Me too- I love vintage fashion illustrations 🙂 Do you know for some reason I hadn’t even really looked at the skirt but now you’ve said that I think I may make one up! 🙂 Thanks!

  8. What an adorable outfit–I love it with the straw bag!

    Would you be able to give any details about how you straightened the curve of the hip area? I encountered this in a pair of shorts I recently sewed and I’m not sure I did a great job dealing with it. (Incidentally, I saw your post about alterations you made to your Clover pants pattern and that was really helpful to me in planning how to address pants/shorts fitting issues in the future. So thank you for all the hard work you do in writing up these tips!)

    • Thanks Sarah!
      Yep what I did was actually to put the toile I made of the shorts on inside out and just pin away the excess down the side seams. Pinning alterations with the toile inside out is always much easier as you don’t have the seam allowances in the way and its clearer to see how much you are removing! Then I took them off, marked where the pins were with a pencil and transferred the marking back to the paper pattern 🙂
      So pleased to hear that you found my Clover notes helpful! 🙂

  9. Hi ami
    Love your blog, have you tried the Sorbetto top from Cloette patterns? It’s a free pattern but its amazing, fits well and very versatile, I’ve made five so far this week and I can honestly say I will be wearing all of them in the weeks to come as summer tips or in the Autumn under a suit jacket!

    • Hi Louise! Oooo yep I keep meaning to make up a Sorbetto- such a cute simple top and just the kind of thing I end up wearing lots! Glad to hear it fits well too! Think I had better download it! 🙂

  10. Such a cute outfit. I love the colours and the styling including the accessories. It looks like the perfect summer outfit for an ice cream date in the park or by the beach.

  11. This vintage-style outfit is so cute! I really like the cheerful yellow colour. Plus each piece will look great paired with other things. The fit of the shorts is great!

  12. I have just discovered your blog, it’s so cute! I love the vintage clothes they all look so fab on you, we’ll done.
    These separates are adorable and perfect for this summer weather

  13. Just stumbled across your blog in Google and love it! I’ve just finished sewing up a black gingham dress with a similar top to this and also love the shoulder ties 🙂

  14. Again such a lovely outfit!!

    Never made shorts either and think I will try these also.

    Will look on Etsy for a pattern

    Etsy is such a great place to find patterns. Most of mine have come from there!

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