Lazy Days Lace Dress

If you don’t like lace you are definitely reading the wrong blog! I have yet another lace project to share with you and let me just warn you now- it is not going to be the last. This one comes in the form of an ivory cotton lace dress, with a flowing gypsy feel to it that I just love love love wearing. I love the look of the little nipped in waists of vintage fashion too, as you all probably know by now, but this summer I am all about the floaty! Comfy and not my pyjamas? Perfect!

I wore this on an evening stroll that we went on last night to have a snoop at a dreamy little cottage I keep spotting situated in fields of long grass and surrounded by trees. I have serious dreams for this little place- roses growing up the front, patchwork blankets in every room and a swing seat on a back porch where I can knit. Ah to dream… oh well- the next best thing was naturally take to Gatsby for a walk on the surrounding common, wearing a very comfy dress!


I self- drafted this from my dartless block because I knew I wanted it to be unfitted in style, and between you and me I am thinking that this will be one of the first PDF patterns I launch, perhaps with a tiered maxi-skirt option! I know this may sound crazy to some but I have plans to make one of these up from some vintage sheets, and failing that a nice floral Liberty tana lawn in soft faded colours that make it look like it has been worn and loved.

This lace is the softest floppiest cotton blend lace I have ever worked with and perfect for something like this that needs a nice lightweight fabric with a gentle drapey quality. I bought it from Whitetree fabrics who have kindly said I can offer all you lovely readers 20% with the code LITTLE TAILORESS. Be warned you will end up on that website for hours if you are a lace fan like me!


Construction wise this is super speedy to make up, I didn’t add a zip which is technically fine due to the loose fit and definitely saved time (and the cost of the zip) and is not a problem at all when putting the dress on- getting it off involves a pretty weird wiggly little dance however, especially as it is white and I am no stranger to makeup. I think my next version will include a side zip!


Here’s my little dream cottage- so perfect!


I lined the dress with some viscose lawn that I bought from Stone Fabrics. It is such lovely stuff I tried to phone up and order more but they were all out and had no way of sourcing any more. Has anyone found a good supplier of viscose that isn’t jersey?- I just love the way it behaves but can’t seem to find a decent steady supply of it. Don’t you think fabric sourcing is frustratingly unpredictable? I was once told by a gentleman on Goldhawk Road that the more popular a fabric currently is with clothing retailers the less likely they are to have any- stands to reason but highly irritating when the shops are filled with viscose dresses and lightweight denim shirts and those are the fabrics you are after!


Gatsby is entirely unconcerned with my viscose availability dilemma and had a splendid time frolicking in the long grass- lots of interesting new sniffs to be had!


I am wearing the dress with my Rag and Bone boots, my Cambridge satchel and my Oliver Bonas hat which I did have on occasionally to shade me from the late eveningย sun but it was surprisingly gusty and after a couple of times chasing it I gave up!

Are you a floaty of fitted kind of sewist this summer?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks so much for the discount code for White Tree Fabrics – the lace on your dress is so beautiful, so I can feel a few purchases coming on. Can’t wait for the PDF pattern Ami. And what a perfect place to walk your dog and model your dress.

  2. Just beautiful, so fresh and summery! I have the same problem finding viscose here in Australia, I found some by chance at my local spotlight (chain fabric store) of all places, in white and bought the whole roll which was lucky as I have never seen it since!

  3. Firstly, age and appearance aside, this is definitely not how I look when I’m walking my dogs! ๐Ÿ™‚ Mind you, I have three large mutts and have to trudge up a small mountain with them so jeans, walking boots and an old t-shirt is the order of the day.
    I love your lacy dress and I am looking forward to you starting to produce your own patterns as your tutorials (both written and video) are always very clear. I might make one of these dresses for one of my daughters who don’t even know where the dogs’ leads are kept!

  4. Another gorgeous make! I am loving all your lace makes so keep them coming.
    And I’m with you on the little cottage dream, I am looking for something similar at the moment.
    The lighting in your photos is really beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I just love your blog. I live in Manly Australia and at 56 I am retired. But I just love looking at your beautiful designs and photography. Everything is a visual splendour! (Just wish I had your figure at my age. lol) It is wonderful to see the resurgence of sewing in the younger generation. Sewing gives me daily pleasure. Keep up your great blog!

  6. This dress is absolutely stunning, can’t wait for the PDF pattern. Although I’ve never sewn with lace before I think this may have to be my first attempt.

  7. It’s beautiful! I love a loose smock-y dress in the summer. Exciting to hear you may release it as a pattern. I struggle to find nice natural fibre lining too, there used to be some brilliant silk cotton on Goldhawk Road but it’s becoming hard to find as well. Interesting that the more a fabric is in demand from shops the less there is for us!

  8. beautiful! i am a big fan of viscose too, but as you say, it’s really hard to find. there are many qualities too, so you have to be a bit cautious when you do find some.

  9. I’m just about to start my White Tree Fabric lace project. But just a couple of bridesmaid purses. I’ve a long way to go before I would attempt your gorgeous lace dress!

  10. I have had a stash of soft white lace for a while now? But now I know what to do with it! Looking forward to the pattern ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Seeing this dress could convert even the most lace-averse dressmaker (which is NOT me, by the way!) So, so lovely – and reading about it is reinforcing my desire to do more with lace.
    That little house has your name on it…

  12. As I was reading and you mentioned vintage, I thought you were going to say this was a vintage dress you’d bought, so I was really glad to read tjat you actually designed it and that it’ll be a pattern – I’d lo e to make a dress like this; it’s stunning. The photos have come out beautifully too ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. another great wardrobe must have and a great first pdf pattern! like tialys above, am not sure it would work for walk w/the dogs on my farm, but think it would be perfect for a hot, humid, day of polo. thanks for all your work in posting your projects.

  14. You look way too glamorous for dog walking. Think I am really going to have to make more of an effort when I walk my dog Bronte (another dog with literary connotations – can you tell I am English Lit graduate also).

    I can’t wait to see your first pdf pattern your designs are always so amazing!

  15. Beautiful dress and I love that low evening light. I’ve had some plain viscose from Textile Express a couple of times for lining sheer fabrics.

  16. Oh Amy, it’s just lovely. I love how the fabric falls. I don’t think this much lace would suit me, but I must admit, I am getting a little bit inpsired with all your lovely lace makes, and have a jacket planned that I think you’ll like. Do you know of any good posts with tips / info about how to work with lace?

  17. Sadly, I did some shopping at your source. Wonderful, beautiful things that I’d like. I had quite a shopping cart full. BUT they do not ship to the US, and after getting all the way through the check out, the website cancelled my order. Very disappointing. I’d have paid for shipping!

    • Hi Bette,

      So sorry to hear you had trouble checking out. We do ship to the US, but the website is still in its infancy and after reading your message, we discovered international shipping charges were not working correctly.

      If you want to contact me with what you wanted to order, I will work out a half price shipping deal for you. So sorry your first visit was not a good one & we would like to put that right.


  18. This is soooo lovely, and exactly the sort of thing that I wear so put me down for the pattern! Any idea of how much fabric is needed? Thanks!

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