Lace cami re-fashion

Those of you who follow me on instagram will have noticed that I have been going through a bit of a re- fashioning phase of late and have been updating various bits of my ready- to- wear wardrobe. I thought some of these projects would make nice little blog tutorials.

In this one I will show you how I added a lace panel to a simple cami top.

1 lace cami supplies
What you will need: Cami top, wide strip of lace (long enough to go around your cami) and slightly overlap, scissors, pins, tape measure, sewing machine and a thread that matches the colour of your lace.

Lace cami step one
Step one: Position your lace on your cami and secure it down with lots of pins. Use your tape measure to make sure that your lace strip is nice and level by measuring up from the hem of your cami. Position the overlap of your lace near to, but not on top of, your cami side seam. This is a discreet position but will not add bulk to the existing seam of your top.

Lace cami overlapping lace
Step two: At the overlap trim around the pattern in your lace to help to disguise your join. Take care to position this section well with the use of extra pins.

Lace cami stitching down
Step 3: Thread your sewing machine with a thread that matches your lace and select a small zig-zag stitch. Stitch the lace to the top slowly, following the outside curved edge of the lace. If you are using an eyelash lace like I have pictured here, leave the tassels free and stitch on the outermost solid edge of the lace.If you want to further stabilise your lace you can use a teeny hand running stitch through the centre of your lace strip. Once you are done give your top a press with the iron.

And TahDah! A simple layering cami becomes a pretty summer top!



Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this slightly different type of post and would like to see any other re-fashions please feel free to pop any requests in the comments below.

8 responses to “Lace cami re-fashion”

  1. Oh this is so pretty! I made a t-shirt using an elastic lace too, but I never thought about using a large band instead of two small bands. I really love this idea, I might steal it from you 🙂

  2. It’s lovely – now get the mower out and see to that grass!

    Only joking as, from your last post, I know those photos are taken in a nearby field But where’s Gatsby? Is he frolicking somewhere out of shot? I am pleased to see you have taken my advice and started to wear jeans for dog walking 😉

  3. Yes, please have more pics of Gatsby. I had a Cavalier and just loved him. He looked just like Gatsby and enjoy seeing his pics.

    I found your blog from Thanks for the great sewing ideas.

  4. So glad I found your blog!
    So pretty!
    Love this design with the lace – I also love to revamps old clothes.
    Looking forward to see more of your ideas!

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