Those of you who follow me on facebook may remember my horrified response to PETA‘s discovery of the barbaric production of Angora in China. I am not normally one to spread bad news or to comment on what is in the press in general but I felt so passionately about this as someone who adores all animals, especially bunny rabbits and grew up with them as pets. Sorry to any of you who had nightmares after watching the horrendous, horrendous video footage!

The Peta video came to my attention back in mid December at which point I was making a rag dolly for my niece’s Christmas present which several of you may have spotted on my instagram. As I was sewing her up I had an idea of making toy bunnies in exchange for donations to Peta’s campaign against the production of angora. I used a bunny pattern from a Tilda book called Crafting Springtime gifts and scraps of cotton fabric left over from previous sewing projects. I popped a bunny on facebook and started to make them to my friend’s specifications, pink, blue, chocolate brown… For each handmade bunny I asked people to donate £12 directly to Peta and in the end the bunnies raised over £400!

Pastel Bunnies

corduroy hand made bunnies

Hand Made Bunny Toys

I wasn’t actually going to share any of this here on the blog as it is not a happy subject and I like to try and keep this a positive little space on the internet. However, it did ultimately seem something worth sharing with all you fellow stitchers.

Sewing really helped me to challenge my feelings of despair and anger at how cruel this world can be sometimes and to do something very small to help stand up against such barbaric practises carried out in the name of fashion. It also occurred to me that anyone who sews their own wardrobe or who sews for others is doing this too. We are putting love and effort into hand crafted garments that we will likely look after and  keep for years to come rather than only buying cheap throw away fashion. At the same time we are keeping a valuable skill alive in a country that has sadly outsourced nearly all of it’s clothing manufacturing and we are encouraging others around us to do the same by making sewing fashionable again. In a nutshell…GO US!

Plus I simply had to share the little bunny tails I made with you all. Teeny little pompoms! How cute are these?

Blue Hand Made Bunny Tail

I have taken a break from making any more bunnies as the time has come to get back to my other sewing projects. Should any of you wish to use the bunny idea to raise money for a cause close to your own heart then please do and let me know how you  get on!

I was genuinely amazed at the positive response I got.

Sunny Hand Made Bunnies

Happy stitching everyone and I’ll be back soon with some clothing related posts!

Thanks for reading

27 responses to “Bunnies!”

  1. I understand how you feel about the horrors of this world – it can be overwhelming to see the terrible things that are done – on a continual basis – to less fortunate people and animals and environments. You are right though – the only thing that one can do is push back by whatever means available to us. Your bunnies are a perfect example. They are adorable. Well done you for raising some money and awareness.

  2. Well done, they look gorgeous! Great idea, I am flat out sewing for DAys For Girls, washable sanity pad kits for girls all over the world that miss school every month because they don’t have appropriate protection. Go us!!!!!

  3. I can’t even bear to watch the video but I do have a very good imagination unfortunately. It is awful what goes on in the fashion world. People generally just think of the use of real fur being cruel but I have read a report that Ugg boots are not ethical in the treatment of the animals providing the materials to make their boots (Ugg for ugly in more than one sense in my opinion) and I have heard the ‘faux fur’ used on many garments is a little suspect too.
    I am really sorry I missed your bunny sale – I would definitely have ordered a couple – just shows I should go on FB more often. I’m glad to see you have found a good use for the ubiquitous pompoms – did you buy one of those pompom makers or do it the old fashioned way?

  4. You have done a fantastic job in raising awareness of this awful practice. As for your lovely fabric bunnies … I’m so smitten with them. Well done for finding such a brilliant way to raise money and make a pertinent point (loving the pom pom tails).

  5. That was a really wonderful idea Ami – well done for raising so much money. I can’t bring myself to watch the video but can imagine how horrific it most likely is.
    Your bunnies are all super cute – and I love their little pompom tails!

  6. These bunnies are so delightful! I too was aghast when I heard about the angora rabbits. I was amazed how much angora there was in the shops when I actually looked out for it.

  7. What an inspiring post. Thank you so much for sharing this idea, and pictures of your little creations, all of which are simply dear. You have been one busy, dedicated and thoughtful lady!

  8. Those of us who love to sew understand how valuable sewing time is, and I really admire you for using some of your special time to benefit abused bunnies. Thank you for spreading empathy & kindness.

  9. Awwww Ami I want to hug you. This is so brilliant. I have been so angry and distressed by this cruelty too, it’s beyond barbaric and so difficult to comprehend such pain goes into one meaningless jumper or cardigan. So sad. You’ve done something so brilliant here! Thank you from another massive animal lover.

  10. Wow – what a really good thing of you to do! Well done on turning something negative into something positive – and something so cute too! Adorable bunnies.

  11. Those bunnies are SOOOO cute! As a lover of animals, your idea was a wonderful one to help the plight of these innocent creatures. Thank you!

  12. I was horrified when I saw how angora bunnies are usually treated to get their hair, and I own one sweater that is part angora (shame!!). That will be the last one I own. I used to own bunnies as loved pets so finding the out was so saddening to me.
    What a great thing for you to be doing, great cause.

  13. The bunnies are adorable, and I am really impressed by what you’ve done. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  14. Oh my goodness, I love your bunnies, they are so gorgeous. I would totally buy one if you decide to make them again. So precious. I am a vegan so these are important issues for me as well. Well done for highlighting them to everyone and be proud of your believes, they are not negative!

  15. Would like to get two bunnies seen for my photo shoots I do with kids
    Can u price that for me to send to Florida USA

  16. Are you still making these bunnies? I would love to buy one if you are. They are lovely xx

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