Grey Lace Tee

This was an entirely unplanned little project that I ended up squeezing in at the end of a day’s sewing. I had been making baby tees for the new business called Maggs and Lowden that I have set up with my friend Hannah and was wearing this self drafted lace tee at the time.

It suddenly occured to me that the viscose jersey I was working with would couple really nicely with some of the cream lace I had left over in my stash! I love anything that involves cream lace and although there is a large selection of lace ready-to-wear items available on the high street I find that they tend to be pretty shiny and synthetic looking more often than not.


I didn’t have a set plan with the placement of the lace on the tee shirt and kind of let the circular pattern on the fabric decide that for me. Because I was just making it up as I went along I began by cutting out the whole front and back panels in the grey and then I aligned the lace on top so that the pattern was positioned centrally so that whatever I did would be even on both sides. With the pieces in front of me I decided to join the lace to the grey in raglan shaped style lines scalloping around the lace pattern. I attached the lace with a small zig-zag stitch and then just trimmed the grey away from the underside.


When I constructed this a few weeks ago I didn’t have my amazing cover stitch machine yet and my overlocker wasn’t working either so I used the stretch stitch on my regular sewing machine and a zig zag to finish off the inside side seams. The machine did a pretty good job! I used my twin needle on the hem to do ‘fake’ double chain and was pretty pleased with that result too. After that I applied a lace trim to the hem just cos I thought it would look cute and tie in nicely with the sleeves.


I have worn this numerous times already and have had more compliments on it than anything else I have ever sewn! I think I will be making a few of these up for birthday presents!


I generally wear this with my blue jeans and brown ankle boots but thought I would spare you yet another post of me in my regularΒ  jeans and add a splash of colour with my mint green ones and my pink converse. To throw in yet another pastel I added my lilac Cambridge satchel.



grey lace tee 2

Have you ever had a random inspiration during a day at the sewing machine that turned into a favourite garment?

Thanks for reading!


41 responses to “Grey Lace Tee”

  1. Wow Ami this is GORGEOUS!! I had admired this top in your last video so I am really thrilled you have shared how you made it, thanks so much for the inspiration, I love your minty jeans….where are they from if you don’t mind me asking!!!! Xx

  2. So pretty! There is so much I love about the top. The lace is divine, and I agree with you on the quality of lace in many RTW. In fact, I find myself overly critical with most RTW fabrics, just purely because I am a big fabric snob and get my hands on gorgeous quality to sew myself. I love the way you finished the sleeve cuff/hems. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Aw thanks Debbie, I am the same! I like something on first glance and then get so picky once I have inspected it further! Nothing wrong with being fabric snobs tho! Hehe!

  3. Looks really lovely. Just had my own first disastrous attempt at using a twin needle on a Colette Moneta – a tutotial or video on that would be brilliant!

  4. I love this! I’ve been on a Belcarra kick lately, and lace sleeves would work nicely with that pattern. Thanks for the inspiration! πŸ™‚

  5. That is so pretty! Scraps of lace are so great for adding little details to a tee. Exciting about your business, wish you luck with it.

  6. I love your quick creation. It looks great.
    You have given me an idea for some of the lace scraps I have.
    You are very creative.

  7. A very pretty outfit. The lace really lifts the grey jersey.
    Thanks again for the pattern hack for the Reglisse by the way – I didn’t have the pattern but bought it once I knew I could use it for both dress and blouse. I’ve made a toile for the blouse in cheap fabric – just to make sure the size is right – and your instructions were spot on.

  8. I love this! It looks great – some people are in for some lovely birthday pressies! Good luck with your collection πŸ™‚

  9. Where did you get that lace? You have the prettiest lace always. I am visiting London in July and I will doing looking for fabrics….so if you have any suggestions of where I MUST go I would be grateful.

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