Frills and Tassels

Hello lovely readers!

Yesterday as I was heading out the door at golden hour for a stroll with my husband and the boys I realised that I was wearing two of my recent makes and thought – hey, here’s a wacky idea, why not try and take some blog photos!

This is my favourite time of day, the light right before sunset makes everything just a little bit more magical.



This is my liberty print blouse that was inspired by a little Zara smock I bought in the early Spring. I loved the shape so much- especially those frills!-and felt the need to recreate it in some of my all time favourite fabric- liberty tana lawn. It’s the summer cloth that dreams are made of, soft and light and floaty. Obviously their beautiful prints speak for themselves, this simplistic , sketchy floral one just sang 70s romantic to me and needed to become this smock.


The blouse it was based on has embroidery on the yoke so i replaced that with some pinktucks for this floral version just to add a little interest to that area. I think it adds to the vintage, Laura Ingalls Wilder feel of the piece and helps to balance out the main feature- those oh so frilly sleeves!


I used french seams for the whole garment for durablility and hope to wash and wear this into oblivion.

We are so very grateful that this little flower meadow is on our daily dog walk, wild flowers are one of my favourite things on earth.


Jack is certainly always happiest out and about in the woods, I hope he keeps his love of nature and the outdoors- maybe if he does the two of us combined will be able to finally convince my husband to go camping!


The weather has been a little crazy here just recently, slightly like whoever is in control of it has been having pretty severe mood swings. We have had days of stormy winds- the kind that give you an uneasy underlying sense of impending doom. Whole days of heavy rain that make everything a wonderfully intense green and then glorious days like yesterday with warm sun and a gentle cool breeze, just right for cotton blouses and woolen shawls, especially as the day progresses in to dusk.


This is my Boho Blush shawl designed by the goddess that is Drea Renee knits, you can find her many gorgeous designs on ravlery. It’s not only one of my favourite knitting projects but also now one of my absolute favourite possessions. I knit it up in my own Little Tailoress Yarn in my Blowing Smoke Trio which is a set of three skeins of yarn in three intensities of grey that knit up to create a gradient or ombre shawl. This is on a 100% merino base and is baby bunny soft. The pattern includes brioche stitch and feather stitch and lots of simple garter stitch sections too. I knit a lot of this shawl while watching The Lizzie Borden Chronicles on Netflix, I loved that show- it was horrendously gruesome but the beautiful scenery, houses and clothes cancelled that out entirely and it was gripping too!


This is a moderately large shawl, it used nearly three skeins of yarn, around 275g or so including those tassels. My normal habit of ‘just one more row before bed’ resulted in a few late nights once I was into the full wingspan when you have over 400 stitches on your needles and each row takes a good 20 minutes, hehe. It never got boring however as the little brioche and lace sections interspersed throughout kept up the interest.



Tassels and sunsets forever.


Thanks so much for reading and for those of you who haven’t already be sure to pop over and find my knitting, sewing and crafting video podcast on YouTube to see more of what I have been making.

7 responses to “Frills and Tassels”

  1. Lovely post. Beautiful photos. The shawl and top create a very summerery,romantic outfit indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love that you wear all of the beautiful things that you make, and they seem to work so well for your lifestyle. It’s great fun to copy a much loved favourite, I don’t do it nearly enough though, must give it a go again!

  3. Hi Ami, it’s a lovely shawl and the yarn is beautiful. You mention that it’s your yarn. I looked at your Etsy shop and I didn’t see any. Is your yarn for sale and, if so, where can I find it? Thanks

  4. Is there a pattern for this top?! I’m obsessed! You do such beautiful work and I love your blog, thank you for sharing!!

  5. Hey Ami, Your liberty print blouse is looking super cool, and yes i saw the same at Zara. Boho Blush Shawl is absolutely beautiful, cant wait to make this shawl for myself.Thanks for sharing this post.

  6. I loved the style.The frill shirt really goes well with the hat and jeans.Light color really looks elegant.Liked it very much.I generally sew different patterns and styles for myself.This frill shirt is surely going to be in my sewing collection.

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