Fashion sewing

Here you will find a portfolio of my latest sewing projects and ways in which I have styled my sewing projects. I try to include any little tips and tricks that I discover along my way so that hopefully you will find my entries helpful. For more detailed sewing instructions please visit my online sewing tutorials.

I believe that sewing is a great way to develop your own fashion tastes and personal style and that the things you sew can be a key part of what you wear every day. For this reason this is also a style blog showing how the clothes you make yourself can help your create your own unique wardrobe.

Une Robe Français – Deer and Doe Reglisse

9 June 2013
Reglisse Deer and Doe Thumbnail

As soon as I saw the Deer and Doe summer patterns over on Ginger Makes I immediately ordered all three and made them up as soon as they arrived! This is very unlike me- normally I am really slow to get around to new patterns but with these it was a definite case of love […]

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One trick pony… another lace top

28 May 2013
Collar Lace Top Thumbnail

Okay so I know there has been a LOT of lace around here recently but… I made another lace top…oops! This was one of the garments that I made as part of my Little Paris Wardrobe and one of the ones I was actually able to wear in the un-seasonally chilly weather: with jeans, a […]

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Inspired by … Rachel Khoo

6 May 2013
Rachel Khoo top thumbnail

One of the biggest perks of being able to sew your own clothes is the freedom it gives you to recreate pretty much anything that inspires you. Whenever I see someone wearing something I simply MUST HAVE I get a rush of appreciation that I can draft patterns and sew. Simply being able to sew […]

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Colette Peony

29 April 2013
Colette Peony Thumbnail

Hello lovely readers! I fear I must start this blog post with an apology for my recent absence from the blogging world. I would love to say that I have been preoccupied with an exciting trip to an exotic faraway land but the rather more boring truth is simply that I got ill for a […]

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Little Black Jacket

13 March 2013
Little Black Jacket Thumbnail

I am a homey, home- loving kind of girl. Of the March sisters I am definitely the ‘Beth’ of the group, let’s hope with a slightly less tragic end! A consequence of this is that I have a lot of home related hobbies;  sewing (as you know), knitting, baking, reading and not least watching TV (usually […]

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Blue Jeans, White Shirt… | Colette Clover

10 February 2013
Colette Clover Jeans Thumb

Colette Clover is such a FAB trouser pattern! I love, love, love 60s style trousers- even more so after watching Celia rock them in ‘The Help’. I just think the high waist, slim leg and no fly-front combination is soooo elegant and flattering. By the way- for those of you who haven’t read / seen it […]

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1950s Camel Coat | Vogue 1083

7 February 2013
Camel Coat Thumbnail

I don’t go clothes shopping very often, you are far more likely to find me at a Benefit makeup counter or in the Peter Jones yarn department! At the start of the Autumn, however, it occurred to me that I needed some staple, comfy, warm winter garments and went out on a couple of trips […]

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Just my cup of tea – Colette Sencha Blouse

29 January 2013
Colette Sencha Blouse Thumbnail

A few weeks ago I had a big toile day! By this I mean that I spent a day making up calico toiles of various patterns that I have had for a while. THREE of these were Colette patterns- to those of you that follow this blog that probably won’t come as much of a […]

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Colette Pastille Dress

10 December 2012
Thumbnail image for Colette Pastille Dress

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be given the lovely Colette Sewing Handbook as a gift. For those of you familiar with Colette patterns you will know how beautifully presented the little pattern booklets are- well the same is definitely true of their book. It is filled with fabulous sewing tips and comes […]

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Baby, it’s cold outside…

2 December 2012
Thumbnail image for Baby, it’s cold outside…

Over the last week or so the temperature here in London has plummeted. It is freeeeeeeeezing; car frozen up in the morning, ‘are you sure the heating is actually on?’, fluffy socks and hot water bottle in bed, freezing. I love the winter but mainly when I’m inside somewhere warm with hot tea or mulled […]

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Hello Autumn

8 September 2012
Thumbnail image for Hello Autumn

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” F. Scott Fitzgerald Autumn is without a doubt my most favourite season and I get very excited at the prospect of changing leaves, cooler days, Halloween, bonfires and fireworks. As someone who designs and makes her own clothes I am forced to be […]

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A 1960’s ‘Pan Am’ inspired couture jacket

27 August 2012
Thumbnail image for A 1960’s ‘Pan Am’ inspired couture jacket

A couple of years ago I did a short course on couture tailoring techniques. I loved how much history and skill there was behind the craft. It was only a one week course and so we were only scratching the surface of the skills involved but nevertheless sitting in the classroom on Curtain Road, an […]

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A far cry from the original

27 August 2012
Thumbnail image for A far cry from the original

This was a strange sewing project! It was made from a vintage McCalls pattern from 1946. I really loved the shape of this vintage dress on the pattern picture but once I had sewn up a toile and tried it on I suddenly felt the urge to butcher the poor thing to oblivion. I looked […]

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McCalls Shirtwaist Dress

5 August 2012
Thumbnail image for McCalls Shirtwaist Dress

I have been wanting to add a shirt dress to my wardrobe for a while now, i actually can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get around to making one.  To me they are the ultimate 1950s dress and I love how iconicly vintage they are, conjuring up images of the poster girl fifties […]

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