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Here you can see my online diary. I blog about my fashion knitting projects, lactose free baking recipies, projects that I’ve been working on, books I have been reading and other general musings.

The amazing Amazings! And a giveaway for all you lovely readers!

21 June 2013
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A few weeks ago I was contacted by The Amazings. To be honest I had never previously heard of them but I had a good read of their website and was instantly a fan of what they are doing. They are based in London and run classes and courses taught by elders (all the teachers […]

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Pinning My Little Paris Wardrobe

15 May 2013
Little Paris Wardrobe Thumbnail

My husband and I have planned to go away for a long weekend in Paris to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. We don’t go away very often so I am pretty un-practised in the art of packing and find it super tricky to decide what to take or more accurately what to leave behind. […]

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Liebster Blog Award

5 May 2013
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I love the online sewing community, everyone is just so darn nice! As a consequence of all this niceness I have somehow managed to be nominated for the Leibster Blog Award by no less than five different lovely ladies. I have also been super slow at actually posting about this and answering your questions- so […]

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Springspiration! – My Sewing Mood Board

25 March 2013
My Spring Mood Board

On one of the walls of my workroom I have a giant mood board where I collect all my inspiration for the current season. Usually the board is covered with a combination of magazine cuttings, fabric samples, screen captures from the TV and pattern pictures. I add and remove individual pieces here and there and […]

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The perfect spot for a daydream

26 February 2013
armchair recover thumb

I recently added a little armchair to my workroom as I thought it would be nice to have somewhere comfy to sit while doing bits of hand finishing. In reality it has actually ended up being more of a substitute dog bed than anything else because my cheeky little dog, Gatsby, tends to assume that […]

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Peachy Keen

18 December 2012
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This is my latest completed knitting project: Nancy from the Finesse collection in Rowan knitting magazine 50 designed by Erika Knight. Finesse is described as a collection ‘inspired by the retro influences of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s…that heralds a return to feminine curves’. I love so many of the designs in this collection […]

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Festive Cranberry Cheesecake

17 December 2012
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…because you can’t have Christmas without cranberries! This is my festive take on a baked New York style cheesecake. I substituted the normal raisins with some fresh cranberries and made a cranberry pouring sauce to serve with it. I used Lactofree cream cheese and Sainsbury’s sweetmeal digestive as neither contain lactose but normal Philadelphia and […]

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My (non) beaded knitted sweater

21 August 2012
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I LOVED the shape of this little raglan sleeve vintage knitted sweater from ‘Vintage knits’ by Sarah Dallas. The actual pattern is knitted in a 4 ply wool yarn and is beaded but I wanted to knit something summery and casual so I decided to make it up without the beads in some pretty pale […]

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Creamy Vanilla Lactose Free Cupcakes!

7 August 2012
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Before you begin… always bake cakes and whip up icing with room temperature ingredients. Ingredients For the cupcakes 115g butter (for additional info on butter and lactose click here) 115 caster sugar 2 medium eggs 115g self- raising flour 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 tablespoons Lactofree milk For the buttercream 60g butter 60g Lactofree cream […]

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Lactose Free Mini Lemon Meringue Pies

5 August 2012
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These little pies take a bit of effort but in my opinion they are totally worth it. The individual size makes serving them so easy and it makes them look extra pretty. A lovely treat for tea or desert with absolutely no lactose– plus you always end up with a little lemon curd left over […]

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