One trick pony… another lace top

Okay so I know there has been a LOT of lace around here recently but…

I made another lace top…oops!

Lace Collar Top

This was one of the garments that I made as part of my Little Paris Wardrobe and one of the ones I was actually able to wear in the un-seasonally chilly weather: with jeans, a woollen cardigan, a trench coat, a scarf and a brolley!- turns out it’s not just England that isn’t getting much of a Spring! Still, it’s hard to care about the weather when you’re in Paris drinking ‘vin rouge’!

I drafted the top from my block, keeping the bust darts but omitting any waist shaping for a relaxed comfy fit. Then I added a simple flat collar which is drafted exactly how you would draft a Peter Pan collar but has pointed corners rather than rounded ones. I love the traditional round Peter Pans but this seemed to work well too.

The idea of the top was born out of a couple of things. A banana republic lace tee that I have owned for a couple of years and lived in. I’m wearing it here under my little black jacket. It just seemed to be one of those go-to items to pop on with jeans and a cardi but as a consequence has definitely seen better days now! I also took inspiration from this Kate Spade top as I loved the contrast black collar. I blended the two together and am really happy with the result!

kate spade top with black collar


I am wearing the top here with a Kate Spade bag and a minty green cardigan from Benetton that I bought because the colour reminded me of so many of my favourite books! Turns out it’s an exact match. Cute!

Collar lace top with cardigan


Lace top black collar kate spade bag

I thought this quick little post would be a good chance to get some feedback on the idea I had of adding a collar drafting tutorial to the blog. The tutorial would show you how to add a flat collar to any garment with a round neckline- perhaps like the oh- so popular Colette Laurel?!

Do let me know below if this would be handy and if so I will be sure to whip one up and publish it here on the blog!

There will now be a brief hiatus on anything lace for a while I promise…

Thanks for reading as always!


37 responses to “One trick pony… another lace top”

  1. No need to stop with the lace – it looks great! This little top is so perfect on you – I love it with the mint cardi too.

    I’m always interested in any tutorial you have to offer – you are really a great teacher!

  2. A tutorial would be great! I’m still new at the collar game, I’ll be posting a shirt with my first peter pan collar soon.

  3. I’m having major garment envy right now! this is such a sweet little top, shape is quite similar to the Colette sorbetto. These pointy collars always remind me of Audrey Hepburn in Paris when it sizzles 🙂

    • Aww I love that film- and her clothes in it are soo gorgeous- that orangey dress she wears! Swoon!
      Yep it is very similar to Sorbetto actually! That would definitely be a good candidate for adding a collar to! 🙂

  4. The different collar shape really makes a statement. I’ve been drafting collars for childrenswear and have been wondering if the exact same principle applies so any insight would be great.
    Louise x

  5. I love this top.
    I am new to sewing and blogs, any tutorials are really helpful.
    May I say, I have been following your blog for a little while, I think everything you have made is amazingly beautiful.
    Look forward to seeing/reading the tutorial.
    Kind Regards

    • Hi Kessem! Thanks so much 🙂
      I nearly always finish my armscyes with bias binding used as facing. So its stitched on as one would normally stitch on binding but then its folded under and stitched to the wrong side of the garment. I am adding a bias binding tutorial soon so I will include this technique in that- very handy one for lots of garments! 🙂

  6. I just came across your blog from a pin of your version of the Colette Clovers on Pinterest. Your blog is so cute and you are really talented! I love your version of the Clovers and this top is really beautiful too! The contrast with the dark collar and the light lace is gorgeous… And it can go with so many things! 🙂

    • Thanks Juli- just popped over to your blog and I LOVE that chambray blue top you made with the white piping- so cute!! Will be following your blog from now on! 🙂

  7. This top is a little beauty and the fab contrast collar just adds a little ‘je ne sais quoi’. Glad you enjoyed Paris – fabulous city whatever the weather. I would love if you could do a flat collar tutorial. I would definitely try this – it would give a new twist to so many old favourite patterns. Ann x

  8. So cute; I can see why you made another version! With the black and white, it pairs so well with colors and jeans. Sewing tutorials are always great. I’ve been sewing for many years, but always enjoy reading new/better ways of doing things and just seeing a photographed process by others. That’s something I’m terrible about doing on my own blog!

    • I completely agree- always good to see how other people do things isn’t it! Do seem to be the hardest type of blog post to do regularly tho- it’s hard to know what other people will find helpful! 🙂 will be adding the collar one this week 🙂

  9. Never apologize for more lace tops! 🙂 I would love a collar drafting tutorial! And love how you pointed the collar here. What a cute little twist!

  10. Love it love it love it! Whst a great collar idea. This bouse can be worn with almost everything. I’m off to the fabric store today for some lace (second trip this week). And wow, you have pippa/Kate shoes – impossible to get in the u.s.!!

    • Thanks! Yep hopefully people will be able to use Sorbetto or Laurel as a base for the collar tutorial- would also work well on your lovely vintage shift dress pattern! Lovely blog 🙂

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