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The Little Tailoress is a UK based sewing and style blog filled with sewing projects, style ideas and vintage inspiration.

I’m Ami, a freelance pattern-cutter and designer. I initially created this blog as a means to record a portfolio of my designs and sewing projects. I also wanted a place to share my recent ideas and inspirations and entertain others who share my love for sewing, tailoring, vintage, design or maybe even just shoes!

For me sewing is a huge part of my personal style, I love to create pieces using traditional tailoring techniques that are of a quality that I could never find in the shops. I love fashion but hate the throw- away nature of it today, I dream of the age of couture where garments were created like works of art and treasured for years afterwards. I am always striving to perfect my skills in order to bring an element of this ideal into my own wardrobe and hope that I can inspire a similar attitude in others. I also enjoy the freedom that creating my own garments gives me in terms of my style.

I draft a lot of my own patterns but here on the blog you will also find lots of reviews of garments I have made from sewing patterns. I started to increase the number of commercial patterns I used when I started my blog as it’s such a great way to interact with others who sew at home. I also greatly enjoy working from vintage  patterns as I love the idea that I am sewing a little piece of history. They are also a great way to pick up vintage techniques.

In addition to my fashion sewing portfolio I also like to share any hints, tips or useful techniques that I pick up during my sewing activities. For these visit my sewing tutorials page. I will also try and give you some ideas about how to style what you have sewn up and to show that you can integrate projects you have made yourself into your everyday wardrobe.

I would love to hear from you so please feel free to drop me a blog comment or contact me on Twitter or email.


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