May 2013

One trick pony… another lace top

28 May 2013
Collar Lace Top Thumbnail

Okay so I know there has been a LOT of lace around here recently but… I made another lace top…oops! This was one of the garments that I made as part of my Little Paris Wardrobe and one of the ones I was actually able to wear in the un-seasonally chilly weather: with jeans, a […]

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Pinning My Little Paris Wardrobe

15 May 2013
Little Paris Wardrobe Thumbnail

My husband and I have planned to go away for a long weekend in Paris to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. We don’t go away very often so I am pretty un-practised in the art of packing and find it super tricky to decide what to take or more accurately what to leave behind. […]

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Inspired by … Rachel Khoo

6 May 2013
Rachel Khoo top thumbnail

One of the biggest perks of being able to sew your own clothes is the freedom it gives you to recreate pretty much anything that inspires you. Whenever I see someone wearing something I simply MUST HAVE I get a rush of appreciation that I can draft patterns and sew. Simply being able to sew […]

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Liebster Blog Award

5 May 2013
Liebster Thumbnail

I love the online sewing community, everyone is just so darn nice! As a consequence of all this niceness I have somehow managed to be nominated for the Leibster Blog Award by no less than five different lovely ladies. I have also been super slow at actually posting about this and answering your questions- so […]

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