Fun with Fit Part 2: tracing your pattern and vertical pre-adjustments

16 January 2015
Fun with fit part 2 thumb

Hello and welcome back to Fun with Fit! In this second session we are going to do the following: * Trace our fitting shell patterns and transfer ALL markings * Choose a cup size of B, C or D as a starting point and apply it to our bodice front pattern piece using the Butterick […]

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Lace cami re-fashion

22 June 2014
Lace Cami Thumbnail

Those of you who follow me on instagram will have noticed that I have been going through¬†a bit of a re- fashioning phase of late and have been¬†updating various bits of my ready- to- wear wardrobe. I thought some of these projects would make nice little blog tutorials. In this one I will show you […]

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