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Video Tutorial: How to apply Piping Cord

9 June 2014
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Hello everyone, I  hope you all had a good weekend! A few of you mentioned you wanted to see a video on how to apply piping cord so I have posted one to my YouTube channel. I demonstrate with a cushion cover but a lot of the techniques apply to garments so hopefully it will be […]

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Video Tutorial | Bias Binding Part 2

19 May 2014
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Those of you that have been reading this blog for a while may remember a video I posted about making bias binding. Well it was always supposed to have a second part that showed you how I apply the binding to my garments and now it finally does! Woohoo! In this video I also cover […]

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Tutorial: Sewing with Silk

6 April 2014
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After sewing with silk for quite a few projects recently I thought I would compile a little list of the things that I find make it a little less challenging. There are two chief things about silk that make it so pesky to sew with: it’s delicate nature and it’s tendency to slip and slide […]

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Video Tutorial: How to make bias binding

17 June 2013
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Bias binding features on a lot of my sewing projects, especially my lightweight summery style garments. I use it in a variety of ways on both the inside and the outside of my garments. It’s so simple to make with one of the little bias binding making tools and it is so much better to […]

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Tutorial: How to draft a Peter Pan or flat collar

12 June 2013
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A flat collar is incredibly easy to draft and a fantastic way to completely alter the character of a top or dress. In this tutorial I am going to take you through the process step by step so that you will be able to add a collar to your own project. I will be using […]

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Bound Buttonhole Tutorial

7 August 2012
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  Bound buttonholes are a lovely way to add a couture finish to your fashion sewing projects. They are commonly found on heavier weight items like coats and jackets but also work beautifully on light-weight garments that have either a facing or a lining. Although they can seem fiddly at first and are a little […]

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