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Our gender reveal party, a Colette Hawthorn maternity hack and giveaway winners.

24 May 2015
Colette Hawthorn Maternity Thumb

Thank you all so much for your kind words and congratulations on my last post, because so many of you expressed an interest in winning a copy of the Emmeline pattern I have actually picked two winners at random. I hope you enjoy the pattern Nathalie and Helen, drop me an email with your postal details […]

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My New Pattern Label: Introducing The Emmeline Tee

7 December 2014
Emmeline Tee Thumb

Hi everyone, I hope you are all really well. I have been all consumed with a very exciting project just recently which is why I haven’t blogged anything for a little while. Thankfully it is finally ready to share with you guys- hooray! As those of you who have been following this blog for a […]

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Lady Danger: Retro Butterick B5209

7 September 2013
Retro Butterick B5209 Thumnail Image

As I mentioned in a recent post I have been on a bit of a republished vintage pattern spree recently. I bought a bunch of them on sale a while back and have been working my way through them and really enjoying them. In the case of this particular one, Retro Butterick B5209, I was […]

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Retro Butterick Dress & A Morning At Chiswick House

27 August 2013
Retro Butterick Dress Thumbnail

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! The hubby and I finally made it over to Chiswick House and gardens for a wander around in the sunshine. It is the most beautiful place and only a 10 minute train journey from where we live in London. We have been meaning to go […]

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Lemon Tart | Mccalls 5377

9 July 2013
Mccalls Patterns 5377 Thumbnail Image

I found this cute little separates pattern on Etsy whilst browsing the vintage pattern section as I find myself doing from time to time.  I was actually looking for playsuit patterns but I was immediately drawn to Mccalls 5377 as soon as I saw it for a couple of different reasons. I loved the simplicity […]

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Une Robe Français – Deer and Doe Reglisse

9 June 2013
Reglisse Deer and Doe Thumbnail

As soon as I saw the Deer and Doe summer patterns over on Ginger Makes I immediately ordered all three and made them up as soon as they arrived! This is very unlike me- normally I am really slow to get around to new patterns but with these it was a definite case of love […]

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Colette Peony

29 April 2013
Colette Peony Thumbnail

Hello lovely readers! I fear I must start this blog post with an apology for my recent absence from the blogging world. I would love to say that I have been preoccupied with an exciting trip to an exotic faraway land but the rather more boring truth is simply that I got ill for a […]

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1950s Camel Coat | Vogue 1083

7 February 2013
Camel Coat Thumbnail

I don’t go clothes shopping very often, you are far more likely to find me at a Benefit makeup counter or in the Peter Jones yarn department! At the start of the Autumn, however, it occurred to me that I needed some staple, comfy, warm winter garments and went out on a couple of trips […]

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Just my cup of tea – Colette Sencha Blouse

29 January 2013
Colette Sencha Blouse Thumbnail

A few weeks ago I had a big toile day! By this I mean that I spent a day making up calico toiles of various patterns that I have had for a while. THREE of these were Colette patterns- to those of you that follow this blog that probably won’t come as much of a […]

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Colette Pastille Dress

10 December 2012
Thumbnail image for Colette Pastille Dress

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be given the lovely Colette Sewing Handbook as a gift. For those of you familiar with Colette patterns you will know how beautifully presented the little pattern booklets are- well the same is definitely true of their book. It is filled with fabulous sewing tips and comes […]

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A far cry from the original

27 August 2012
Thumbnail image for A far cry from the original

This was a strange sewing project! It was made from a vintage McCalls pattern from 1946. I really loved the shape of this vintage dress on the pattern picture but once I had sewn up a toile and tried it on I suddenly felt the urge to butcher the poor thing to oblivion. I looked […]

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McCalls Shirtwaist Dress

5 August 2012
Thumbnail image for McCalls Shirtwaist Dress

I have been wanting to add a shirt dress to my wardrobe for a while now, i actually can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get around to making one.  To me they are the ultimate 1950s dress and I love how iconicly vintage they are, conjuring up images of the poster girl fifties […]

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Tips For Working With Vintage Patterns

1 August 2012
Thumbnail image for Tips For Working With Vintage Patterns

I have been making up some new vintage sewing patterns over the summer and have rediscovered the joy of working with them. I really enjoy the feeling that you are sewing up a little piece of history- it’s so much fun imagining who was making up the pattern when it was first printed. It’s also […]

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