Winter Blues

13 November 2013
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I tend to plan most of my sewing projects before buying the fabric for them. This allows me to co- ordinate the garments I make into a cohesive wardrobe (or at least that’s the intention!) It also means I can calculate the amount of fabric I need and write a list of all the notions […]

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Little Black Jacket

13 March 2013
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I am a homey, home- loving kind of girl. Of the March sisters I am definitely the ‘Beth’ of the group, let’s hope with a slightly less tragic end! A consequence of this is that I have a lot of home related hobbies;  sewing (as you know), knitting, baking, reading and not least watching TV (usually […]

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1950s Camel Coat | Vogue 1083

7 February 2013
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I don’t go clothes shopping very often, you are far more likely to find me at a Benefit makeup counter or in the Peter Jones yarn department! At the start of the Autumn, however, it occurred to me that I needed some staple, comfy, warm winter garments and went out on a couple of trips […]

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Baby, it’s cold outside…

2 December 2012
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Over the last week or so the temperature here in London has plummeted. It is freeeeeeeeezing; car frozen up in the morning, ‘are you sure the heating is actually on?’, fluffy socks and hot water bottle in bed, freezing. I love the winter but mainly when I’m inside somewhere warm with hot tea or mulled […]

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A 1960’s ‘Pan Am’ inspired couture jacket

27 August 2012
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A couple of years ago I did a short course on couture tailoring techniques. I loved how much history and skill there was behind the craft. It was only a one week course and so we were only scratching the surface of the skills involved but nevertheless sitting in the classroom on Curtain Road, an […]

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