6 November 2018

Hello lovely readers! Its been a little while hasn’t it? Well actually its been such a long while that my blog is too out of date for me to update to any recent version of WordPress which as it turns out is kind of necessary! Sooo I have built a new blog which you can […]

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Podcast Episode 9 show notes

15 July 2017
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To enter the giveaway make sure you go to YouTube and subscribe to my channel and leave a comment on episode 9 telling me of a favourite book or movie. Winner will be announced next episode. Knitting finished object: Angel Face Turban by Amy Appel knit for the #rockabillysummerkal hosted by herself and Casey Maura […]

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Frills and Tassels

11 June 2017
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Hello lovely readers! Yesterday as I was heading out the door at golden hour for a stroll with my husband and the boys I realised that I was wearing two of my recent makes and thought – hey, here’s a wacky idea, why not try and take some blog photos! This is my favourite time […]

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Podcast Episode 2 Show Notes

24 November 2016
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Hi lovely crafters, I hope you have all had a good week. So I have graced YouTube with my ramblings for a second time! You can find all the relevant info for episode two of The Little Tailoress Podcast on this blog post below the video . Thanks for watching! Ami   Mermaids inspired sweater […]

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