The thing that I love about sewing is that there is always something new to try. The more time that you spend learning new techniques and skills the more that you get out of your sewing projects. I find that no matter how much sewing you do you can always pick up new ideas and with this in mind I have decided to add some tutorials to this blog hoping to share and show in detail my personal approach to some of my favourite sewing techniques.

Bound Buttonhole Tutorial

7 August 2012
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  Bound buttonholes are a lovely way to add a couture finish to your fashion sewing projects. They are commonly found on heavier weight items like coats and jackets but also work beautifully on light-weight garments that have either a facing or a lining. Although they can seem fiddly at first and are a little […]

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Tips For Working With Vintage Patterns

1 August 2012
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I have been making up some new vintage sewing patterns over the summer and have rediscovered the joy of working with them. I really enjoy the feeling that you are sewing up a little piece of history- it’s so much fun imagining who was making up the pattern when it was first printed. It’s also […]

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